The Opportunity of our Generation

Industries evolve over periods of time, however every 40-50 years the evolution is systemic in nature because the change is not based on improving the current system, the system itself is evolving. This evolution is based on shifts in mindset, demographics, technology improvements and a desire for enhanced outcomes. We have just entered that innovative “window of opportunity.” A new form of value and experience must be delivered to our employees, customers and clients.

Our industries are ripe for change, and we all have a choice in this evolution, we can help lead the change or just watch it happen.

Thought Leaders and Insight Providers who provide insights and thought-provoking concepts centered around the importance of Relational Value will the change within the organizations, companies, industries and our communities.

Your influence matters – we want to help your grow your influence!

Undivided Thought Leaders

The Undivided Thought Leaders (UTL) are speakers, leaders, insight providers who have exceptional thoughts, ideas and concepts around various aspects of life and business. Their mission is help cause change, challenge the status quo and lead the next evolution in business.  Our Undivided Thought Leaders have been challenged to make a choice, the same choice you need to make; you can either continue to live and lead the same, common, divided, conventional life and business or you can be inspired and realize there is more to this world and start living and building an uncommon, unconventional, undivided way of life and business.

Undivided Thought Leaders are open to the exchange of ideas and knowledge with other members. We know making a change in this world is not easy, but it can be done. It comes down to one simple word: choice. It starts with one person’s choice to cause change, challenge the status quo and lead the next evolution in business, and that one person could be you.

The people who have made that choice are the thought leaders of the Undivided Experience Center.  Everything starts with one person who has made a choice to be a positive influence and catalyst in the lives of the people they are surrounded by. Our thought leaders have made that choice and every day they choose to be a positive influence and catalyst in the lives of others.


Our Thought Leaders & Insight Providers are:


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