Our Calendar of Events will be release

in July of 2020!

Attend an Undivided Experience and you will start to engage with our vast network of Thought Leaders. Not only will be you invited to listen to our speakers, you will have the opportunity to connect with them as well.  

Our Insight Series are designed to enable leaders of all sizes of companies to “experience” what it means to deliver Relational Value to your employees, team members, customers and clients. 

Our Catalyst Events will be offered to help you “jump start” a new idea or inspire your company or leadership teams to positively embrace the future.  

Our Innovation Days are designed to provide a framework for your company’s next evolution in growth.  When we stop innovating, we stop growing. 

Events and speakers can serve as the necessary catalyst to move something forward, real growth and development happens over time through hard work, continued commitment and accountability. Inspiration provides a shot of adrenaline that sometimes is the catalyst we need to move on something; however real growth and development happens over time through discipline and accountability

Are you Looking for something even more personalized experience?  

Our micro learning sessions are designed to deliver exceptional insight focused your specific need or interest.

The UEC Learning & Development curriculum provides educational opportunities over a broad range of topics with mentors who will guide you along the way. The UEC curriculum and course offerings are designed to ensure that your experience is more than an adrenaline shot of inspiration.

Here are just some experiences to consider:

  • Speaker Series: Bring your team members to our Thought Leadership events. Not only will you be able to listen and learn from our speakers, but you will also be able to engage with them.
  • Micro Learning Sessions: Great leaders are always looking to learn; however, time is what they must spend. Our micro learning sessions are designed to deliver exceptional insight focused on the specific needs or interest of your company or organization.
  • Special Events: Our special events are known as “Catalyst” events, because they are designed to be the catalyst you need to jump start your idea, company, leadership team or employees. Prepare to be inspired!
  • Innovation days: Growth comes from change and change comes from great ideas. Our innovation programs are designed to create a framework for your company’s or organization next evolution in growth.

Our Calendar of Events will be release in April of 2020!

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