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The Undivided Content Lab (UCL) is the launch pad for our thought-leaders. Many of our Thought Leaders have exceptional ideas, concepts and experience to share but that’s only gets you so far. Within the rooms of the UEC, our thought leaders gather to help each other grow personally and professionally and to encourage that same growth with regards to their business endeavors.  Our goal is to attract thought leaders, business and organizational leaders that are committed to creating, developing and enhancing their story, message, program etc.. to create more influence in their companies, communities and within their tribe.




Step 1: THINK about these three questions:

  • Where are you today?
  • Where do you want to go?
  • Most importantly, how are you going to get there?

Step 2:  CREATE with us to schedule a time to visit the UEC to discuss those three questions.  Because once you have answered those questions, the mission of the UCL is to help you and your company create a plan and pathway for execution.

Step 3:  LAUNCH, as a Undivided Thought Leader we will connect you with other members, partners, insight providers and mentors to accelerate the transfer of knowledge that is needed to reach the vision and goals for you have set for yourself and for your company. We want to help you create more influence within your organization, company and/or community.

The Undivided Content (LAB) has been created with you in mind.

Being a Thought Leader is not a easy road (as you may know). That is why we have created our Thought Leader Road Map and our Content LAB.  It has been designed to help you accelerate your journey from Storyteller to Thought Leader.  We can help guide you through the process to create more influence, essentially allowing you to focus on what you do best – influence people – we handle everything else!

Here is a brief summary of just a few of our “Think”, “Create” & “Launch” programs:

The Content Discovery Program (CDP): Have a great story but don't know exactly how to share it or wonder if you are doing the right things at the right time to tell your exceptional story?

Throughout our lives we will have a myriad of experiences, some of those experiences are positive and some will be negative experiences. Over time these positive and/or negative experiences start to build on one another, they start to form our outlook on life, humanity and the world. At some point the build up of the negative and/or positive experiences reach a point that causes what we would call a “catalytic moment.” That moment could be the “ahha” moment or could be a rock bottom moment.

At that very moment the transformation begins, the awakening has taken place. You no longer will stand for the injustice; you will start to see how your idea can solve the problem or how your experiences can help someone or even many people. At that moment, you may have discovered your “purpose”, “passion” in life or maybe you just want to see where it leads. 

Our Content Discovery Program is designed to help you craft your message, think through it all that needs to be considered and provide you with a framework to form a solid foundation for your ideas, thoughts and visions!

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Content Acceleration Plan (CAP): Do you have a great story, getting in front of the right people but still not sure if they are getting maximum value from your exceptional story? Are you looking for the best way to create more engagement and turn your story/message into a business?

Once you have discovered your passion; how do you tell your story, get the message out and start making a difference?

The process of “crafting your message” is simple, yet you need to work at it every day.

Stay focused on developing your content, message, story or concept. Become relentless on improving your thinking and strive to gain more insight on how you can make more and more of an impact on those who will become your followers or customers/clients.

The next step is to build your “house.”  You want your clients, customers or followers to be able to “meet” you, learn what you are all about and start building a level of trust with you.  We can all tell the difference between a house that feels inviting and a house that you don’t want to be in for too long or a building that is designed professionally versus one that is designed poorly. The same goes for your business.

Does it feel inviting? Does it look professionally designed? It will reflect on your brand and the promise of your brand.

Our Business Development Plan is to help you understand the vision of your brand, the strategies needed to implement your plan and the tactical elements that will be needed to execute your vision.

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Thought Leadership Advisory (TLA) : Sounds like you may have all you need, you business is growing and gaining traction but perhaps its not as efficient as it could be, which may cause missed opportunities. In addition, you have grown out of your small "office" structure and you are ready to make your run to and turn this into a viable, sustainable business!

Once you have created your brand message and story, developed the foundational elements of your “content,” created an exceptional “house” that represents who you are. You will need to start thinking about the various ways you can deliver your content.

We believe there are 5 effective methods, each having various degrees of buy-in and price points.


  1. Video and Audio – think Ted Talks or Podcasting
  2. Blogs, white papers or a book – prove to your audience you have the content
  3. Online Curriculum and community development
  4. Workshops & Speaking
  5. Consulting

If you have some of the forms of content or want to enhance what you already have, then our TLEP program is designed for you.

Our Thought Leadership Execution Plan (TLEP part of TLA) will help you create a plan to modify your content to be more dynamic and engaging, to help you gain more influence and we can help you create any aspect of content you feel you may need at this time.

If you have all five forms of content, congratulations, you must be doing something you love. If you have confidence in your content, but don’t know how to launch, how to grow your audience, how to generate more income from your business, then our Thought Leadership Business Accelerator is the place to start for you.  

Our Thought Leadership Business Accelerator (TLBA part of TLA) is by invitation only, we will invite you and any one from your team to meet with our network of Thought Leader Advisors, speakers, company leaders in a round table discussion format.  The Undivided Network is filled with exceptional leaders that want to help all of us get better and influence more, the best of the best gather here to share their insights and their experiences so we all can grow at an accelerated rate.

When you can find expert advice at a moment’s notice, it can save you time and money. This ultimately enables you and your company to become even more productive and efficient, which in turn will fuel your company’s growth.

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Are you a Creative Developer and have a Creative Company: Our mission is to accelerate Thought Leaders towards their vision, we don't pretend to be able to do all that is needed to help our Thought Leaders grow. If you have an interest in being a one of our "partners," we would love to learn more about what you do and how you can serve our Thought Leaders.

The concept of the Undivided Experience Center (UEC) is to accelerate growth and the transference of knowledge as rapidly as possible between our Thought Leaders. The UEC was designed based on the concept of an exchange: on one side you have people who can provide insight and on the other side you have people who need insight. Based on what you need at the time or what you can provide based on your own experience, expertise and/or education, you may find yourself on either side of the exchange. The UEC is designed to be a dynamic and shared learning experience not a Creative Development Company, we do have all the basics services needed to help develop our Thought Leaders content.  However our focus is on their business model, not the actual creation of their tools, websites, books, etc… therefore sometimes we find that we need access to the best creative minds around. We would be honored to connect with you and see how our model may become a conduit to your services for some of our Thought Leaders!

Please contact us if you wish to learn more, we would honored to learn more about your business! 

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