Undivided Thought Leaders

The Undivided Experience Center is a hub for thought-leaders; people who have exceptional ideas, concepts and experience to share. Within the rooms of the UEC, members gather to help each other grow personally and professionally and to encourage that same growth with regards to business endeavors.  Our goal is to attract members and organizational leaders to are committed to relational leadership.

At the UEC, we believe that people are at the core of what we do, and that relational leadership can change lives.  We have witnessed first-hand the positive ripple effects of inspirational, “people-centric” leadership in the lives of clients, employees, their families and in the community.  We firmly believe that increasing the relational capacity of existing leaders adds tremendous relational value to an organization.  Employers who work to improve their emotional intelligence, their ability to listen and empathize, for example, can create important value in company culture.  And improved leadership that adds relational value by way of improved company culture ultimately creates long-term relational capital. 

And who doesn’t want that?