Experiential Projects: Opportunities That Matter


“Our projects matter because the people they impact matter. This is not theory, it’s authentic influence based on processes and results.” Gary Baker

Within the UEC, the Undivided Projects provide hands-on opportunities for members to apply their relational leadership skills to real-world environments.  Our hope is to positively impact the lives of others through experiential learning and collaboration.  These projects are fueled by our passion to solve problems, provide solutions and positively impact those who want to change the trajectory of their life or company. 

We gain knowledge through our immersion in these projects by utilizing the 4C’s of 21st century education: Critical Thinking, Communication, Collaboration and Creativity.  In contrast to a traditional, lecture-style approach to learning, the 4C’s allow people to engage and problem solve in a way that is more meaningful and motivating. 

Participating in the Warrior Transition Network Project, for example, allows UEC members to meet with actual veterans and experience first-hand what it means for a veteran to transition back into civilian life.   Utilizing the 4C’s, members can think critically about the needs of veterans and collaborate with experts to produce fresh ideas and strategies to help them. 

Through the People Centric Project, members can learn from exceptional leaders, share ideas and best-practices in the area of “relational leadership” and identify ways to infuse a people-centered approach into their own business.

If you or your teams are ready to expand your relational capacity in a real-life environment, a UEC Project would be an excellent place to start.


The Warrior Transition Network Mission is to build a bridge from military service to meaningful opportunity. On one side, we have our nation’s heroes. On the other side, we have America’s greatest opportunities with America’s greatest companies. Our military members reach a gap that is too big for them to cross by themselves. The Warrior Transition Network helps veterans bridge this gap to realize the tremendous opportunities that exist after their military service.


Nearly two years ago, we set out to discover what it means to “be exceptional” in life and in business. We wanted to identify what it took to lead an exceptional company. Through the 1,000’s of conversations we discovered, at least from our perspective, there were common characteristics and traits in these conversations.

We determined that exceptional people and companies strive to be the best they can be. They choose to be a catalyst in the lives of others. They empower them to become the best they can be in life and in business.  Exceptional companies are people centric, they put the needs of others, their employees and their customers at the core of what they do.  


The UEC has 10 Projects in the pipeline and will release a project based on completion and sustainability of current projects and based on the focus of the UEC members, where they believe we can collectively make the greatest impact in our community.