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At the UEC, we believe that people are at the core of what we do, and that relational leadership can change lives.  We have witnessed first-hand the positive ripple effects of inspirational, “people-centric” leadership in the lives of clients, employees, their families and in the community.  

We firmly believe that increasing the relational capacity of existing leaders adds tremendous value to an organization.  Employers/Leaders who work to enhance the relational value they provide can create significant improvements in their company’s/organization’s culture.  And improved leadership that provides relational value by way of an improved company’s/organization’s culture ultimately creates long-term relational capital. Relational intelligence, social intelligence and emotional intelligence will be needed to compete in the next leg of economic growth.

What is your company’s or organization’s greatest asset?

(hint: We would suggest it is your people)

In today’s world, employees and leaders want to be engaged. They want to have more involvement in the development of their own lives and careers. Engagement and development can happen in many forms: reading (books, articles, blogs), listening (podcasts), watching (videos i.e. Ted Talks, conference events) and connecting (face to face or through collaborative environments). If you want to get the greatest return on your greatest asset, you must invest in them.

The problem: How does your company or organization create an environment that enables personal and professional development to take place, especially given the cost of it? How can leaders grow, employees develop and customers/clients get the best solutions and advice possible? The investment needed to grow companies and organizations in-house can be immense and the path to facilitating this type of engagement and development can be daunting.

The Solution: What if your company / organization could have access to an environment that would enable your leadership team to be connected to exceptional thought leaders? Instead of investing your capital to design every aspect of what is needed to build this environment (real estate, technology, access to industry experts) what if your company only invested in what is needed and your budget allows for?

Take cloud storage as an example, the benefit is you only pay for what you need, when you need it.

Now imagine being able to have access to and help create a culture enriching experience based on exactly what your company / organization needs when it is needed, for your next off-site or your next staff/employee development retreat.

That’s exactly what you have access to at the UEC.

If you want to create an experience that helps create, develop and grow the Relational Value of your company or organization, we can design an experience that’s suits your needs based on your budget.

To learn more about Relational Value go to www.relationalvalue.com

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